Comparing my experiences to the 4-stage culture shock model

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A beautiful drive, a big ugly city, and a bit of terror in Lovina

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It takes guts to help others sometimes, especially when torrential rains are involved

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Good things happen when you venture outside of your comfort zone; it helps when you’re desperate for a place to sleep.

Photo by Author — Dragon Hill Spa, Seoul(2011)

Highlight the last sentence of the section to choose which country you visit next!

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Journey to the center of the island; a beautiful ride to the temple on the lake

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Part 2 — Journey to the Center of Bali

Paul Theroux and the case for solo travel

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

“Travel is at its best a solitary enterprise: to see, to examine, to assess, you have to be alone and unencumbered. Other people…

Writing Prompt: Share your 10 reasons and tag me at the end of your article!

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Journeying to discover environmental factors that enhance creativity

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Twenty years gone by; where were you on that dreadful day?

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