Places to Visit Before Covid-19 Ends And Why 2022 Could be the Best Year to Travel Ever

Enough waiting, it’s time to get going. Make the best of 2022 with some great travel opportunities!

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Photo by Dominique Müller from Pexels

We can agree, wholeheartedly, that Covid-19 blows. It has overstayed its (un)welcome; the tardy hotel guest who never checks out on time.

Covid-19, the bane of human civilization, remains with us nearly two years since its inception.

It sucks, royally. But with darkness comes light, and there is a silver lining somewhere in this puddle of mess.

The pandemic has forced tourism sites to shut down or limit themselves to domestic travel; not a very good thing for the tourism industry.

However, the silver lining, my friends, is that we, travelers, have the unusual opportunity to visit some of these otherwise busy tourist sites without swaths of visitors meddling in our way. Say goodbye to the paparazzi; hello to virgin landscapes and uncharted territories.

Covid has cleared the world of tourists. Let us take a moment to celebrate and take advantage!

Here are some places to take advantage of in 2022, before the end of Covid and the return to everything normal.

Photo by allPhoto Bangkok from Pexels

Angkor Wat

I have visited this ancient archeological site twice already; I know. Yet, I have never experienced it without the harassing crowds. (I did try).

There seems to be a unique opportunity to visit Angkor Wat before the return of mass tourism. While the site has had to close or limit its doors throughout the pandemic, Siem Reap is prepping for a return of international travel.

It appears that in January of 2022, Siem Reap — the gateway to Angkor Wat — will be added to the country’s hotel-free quarantine list, which might mean a return to pre-pandemic traffic of international tourists. While the wave will eventually return, I imagine that it will take time. There might be a window in early 2022 to visit the impressive archaeological…



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