Make Medium More Meaningful: 3 Solutions to Improve the Platform Tomorrow

Ideas from a hack writer with little experience who really cares about the platform

Jack Road
6 min readNov 15, 2021
Photo by Brett Jordan from Pexels

I’m a slut.

I’ve written a story about Medium, and I feel terrible about it. But the damage is done.

You’re just as big of a slut for clicking on the article that has Medium in the title. You might as well stick around now.

Whether you write on Medium for the fame, the fortune, or the obscurity(me currently), you undoubtedly wish to habit the dark internet walls of the platform under the best possible conditions.

It is a force of nature; to strive to improve and be better.

Change is always good; it’s even better when it favors you.

I want to propose 3 simple ideas that will make Medium better instantly.

I am writing as a writer on the platform.

Idea # 1: Change the damn claps

Nobody enjoys clicking 50 times for a story.

And worst, it harbors a false sense of vanity.

Claps have been the epitome of evil since I’ve joined the platform. I hate the process of giving them — is 10 enough, or…



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